What is an owl cafe?

Barn Owl Fukuro No Mise

“No really, what is an owl cafe?” I got asked this question each time I told anyone I was going to one leading up to my trip. I would always answer like this, “Oh, you know a cafe with owls, like the bird…” I have to say, I got a kick out of telling others this. My great friend and I have been planning this trip together since we found out we had almost the same birthday! Oh, and we are the same age! I know, it’s the little thing’s in life that make me excited!

There's an owl on me! Furkuro No Mise Owl Cafe

Name: Owl Cafe: Fukuro No Mise!

1. Address: 1 Chome-27-9 Tsukishima Chuo, Tokyo

2. Address: Seven Star Mansion 1F, 2-6-7 Kiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo.

Okay so, I am not familiar with Japanese addresses so don’t quote me on it but I have found two addresses for this place and they both work when you type them in Google.

Location: Go to the Tsukishima station and go out exit 8. You will come out right on the street, keep following down that same road one block. Look for the Hotto Motto, turn right down that road and it is right there on the right side, you’ll see a sign with owls on it!

Fees: The cafe is 2000 yen for one person! $16.67 per person if you go by the current rate’s of the yen to the US dollar.

Fukuro No Mise Owl Cafe

We had the trip all planned out, even what time we had to catch the train. Unfortunately, it was one of those morning’s! First my friend and her husband were running late so they told my husband and I to just go and they would meet us there. We missed the train anyway! When we finally did get there we arrived around 12:40 pm. The cafe doesn’t open till two (on Thursday’s) but I had read that we should arrive an hour early to get a spot.

We finally arrived and there was a line but not a long one. At one pm the owner came outside and gave everyone times to come back. You pay the nice lady and if you do not come back at your time that she gives you, well then you lose your money and spot. Don’t be late! When you come back for your time you have one hour in the cafe.

Our time finally came and we were so excited! The place was pretty small but let’s be honest, everything is small here in Japan! The owner’s were super sweet and spoke a little English. First we all sat and the owner gave a little speech. On Friday’s they do an English speech but it was a Thursday so she spoke Japanese. I understood that she was talking about how to hold the owls and which one’s we could not touch. Some of the owls were on a “rest day” so they were not supposed to be disturbed.

Fukuro No Mise

This is what the sign for this sweet soul says, “This owl is called a Hawk-owl. The owl is on ____ flight training but got a little fat, so he/she is on a diet and is a ‘little cranky’ so please don’t touch the owl.” This poor grouchy owl did not move an inch the whole time we were in there.

 So as we sat and waited for the rules to be told to us, all around us owls sat and stared!

Spotted Owl. Fukuro No MiseLittle Owls. Fukuro No Mise Owl Cafe

They had the rules in English for us so we were able to get an idea of what we could and couldn’t do.

Here are some rules!

Fukuro No Mise Owl Cafe

Fukuro No Mise Owl Cafe Rules

We were given a menu of drink’s we could order, it is included in your fee. They have coffee, tea, lemonade and a few other drink’s! So after all that, we finally got to hold the owls!!!!!!!!! You have to ask the staff to put them on your hand but they were very nice and so helpful! You can hold the owls on your hand, head or shoulder! I am not going to lie, I did not want an owl on my head! I did however want a picture of one on my head so I did a fast head shot then put it back on my hand! (Owl Poo!!!)

There's an owl on my head! Fukuro No MiseFukuro No Mise

The owls were so gentle! They didn’t dig their talons into my skin or act like they wanted to peck at my face! They had some scary talons though! Sometimes the owls would try to fly away or just start flapping but if you raise your hand high they will land again.

Owl Talons! Fukuro No Mise

My favorite part of my time in the cafe was when this owl kept hooting, but it was not a hoot! This owl barked like a dog! It was the funniest noise I ever heard! We all got a good laugh out of that owl! Other than that one owl, all the others were so quiet and calm.

Big Owls. Fukuro No Mise

When the hour come’s to an end we are all asked to sit down again and we are given our drink’s, While we sat and drank the owner’s of the cafe showed off a few trinkets that are also included in our fee. After showing all the different items that they are giving away they held up one item and if you want it, you raise your hand. If more than one person raises their hand you are told to play rock, paper, scissors, to figure out who will receive the gift! I think this is the easiest way to give away gifts and be fair at the same time! They have enough for everyone though, you just might not get what you want.

Owl Necklace

This experience was a lot of fun and I will remember it for a long time! It’s going to be one of those times that I talk about to all my new friend’s! Doing these trips and taking the time to experience Japan has also brought my friend’s and I together while also helping us to make MORE friend’s!!!

Photobomb. Fukuro No Mise

If you ever get the chance to go to an owl cafe, do it! This cafe was worth the money and who doesn’t love saying they got to hold an owl!

If you would like to see more picture’s of my trip to the Owl Cafe: Fukuro No Mise please check out my Facebook page! Till next time!


Fukuro No Mise

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