How to be a packing ninja!

How to be a packing ninja!

You might ask, Trisha what is a packing ninja? Well my friend’s I will tell you! A packing ninja is someone who can pack a lot of clothes and other stuff into one suitcase! It’s that simple! I pride myself in being a highly skilled packing ninja! Now before I get ahead of myself I should put a warning on this blog…


Packing tips may be helpful to readers but may cause suitcase to have extra room for MORE stuff.  Traveler may encounter over weight fees.

I was traveling back to my hometown to visit family for a few weeks and even though I was very excited to be heading home I was dreading the long journey! First, I had to take a train ride from my home in Japan to Haneda airport which should have taken me about an hour and a half but that didn’t happen. After sitting on a train at dead stop for an hour I was finally on my way! It took me about three hours to get to the airport and when I did finally arrive I was still early! I had a three hour wait till my plane would take off  for Toronto, Canada. I was flying with Air Canada my whole trip.  This was my first experience with this airline and I was really satisfied!

The flight to Toronto was scheduled to be a twelve hour flight and luckily we stayed right on track. We had lots of turbulence but that doesn’t bother me! The part when we start to descend at the end of the flight is what usually gets me!  When I  arrived in Toronto I had to go back through security AGAIN and sat for a six hour layover. With lots of time to just hang out I walked the airport and indulged myself with some Starbucks! For some reason my cup said Susan…? I don’t know how you get Susan from Trisha but oh well! Here is one thing that I noticed. Did you ever wonder why plane tickets are so expensive? My theory is the reason plane tickets are so expensive is because a lot of airports are SO fancy!

With my journey finally coming to an end I was becoming excited and anxious! The flight attendants kept telling us that our flight to Philadelphia would be delayed but God was being nice that night! We were only delayed about a half hour. The flight from Toronto to Philly was scheduled to be fifty-seven minutes but it only took forty! After my parents picked me up in Philly we had a two hour drive back to my hometown! Lancaster, Pennsylvania is where I was born and raised! After being awake for thirty-two hours I was ready to be done traveling and just sleep!

Alright, let’s get to the packing skills and some traveling tips I will teach you!

How to be a packing ninja

  • When I fly I usually wear my jeans because they are the largest piece of clothing and remember saving space is the key! However, I did not want to wear jeans for such a long trip so I decided on wearing my workout leggings! I hate dragging a sweatshirt a long JUST IN CASE I get cold. I like to wear a light sweater instead. (Don’t you love my Archie socks?) I also wear my biggest shoes I plan to take with me  which is usually my sneaker’s.

How to be a packing ninja

  • I don’t know why but when I sit on a plane my hair magically gets so messy! I have knots that I can’t get out and it’s going all over the place! I always braid my hair when I travel. I prefer a french braid so it doesn’t get as messy. However, I cannot do a french braid so….. Thank you Kitty for saving my hair by braiding it!!!

How to be a packing ninja

  • A couple days before I pack I always spray my bags with this bed bug spray!  The number one way bed bugs are spread is through travel. If you don’t know much about bed bugs all you need to know is they are horrible! I have never experienced having them in my home and I pray to God I never do! This brand of spray has a mint smell that is very strong so I spray my bags inside and out and let it sit outside to air out.

How to be a packing ninja

How to be a packing ninja

  • This is my suitcase with all the clothes I planned to pack without any shoes, toiletries, etc. I would have been able to fit a few shoes and other items but then it would have been packed full with no room for things I may buy at home! My tip to you is the rolling tool. I know many people say it doesn’t work for them but you just have to do it right! IT DOES WORK! I wasn’t a believer until I had to pack for three months.

I do not fold a whole outfit together like others say because I just don’t plan that far ahead! When selecting my outfits I pick a cute top and then add some bottoms that may or may not match! (I never claimed to be perfect at this) I do however roll every piece of clothing by itself.

How to be a packing ninjaHow to be a packing ninja

I fold the clothes in half and then just roll! I try to smooth it out as I go so my clothing doesn’t get wrinkled too bad! Then you just stack the little rolls across the bottom of your suitcase and that’s it!

How to be a packing ninja

How to be a packing ninja

As you can see, I added everything I was packing and I still have a good couple of inches to add more stuff that I buy while I am at home! It’s that easy!

 How to be a packing ninja

  • For my carry-on I always use a backpack because it’s so much easier then having a heavy bag on your shoulder the whole trip! I also can’t go anywhere without my camera so that was my second bag that I carried on the plane with me! These are a few essentials that I make sure I have when I travel!

How to be a packing ninja How to be a packing ninja How to be a packing ninja

  1. Music/Headphones
  2. Book
  3. Neck pillow
  4. Toothbrush/Toothpaste
  5. Face wipes
  6. Deodorant

Of course, I have other things with me like my wallet, passport, etc but I would hope you all would remember those! Always make a list of the things you need to pack so you don’t forget anything!

Safe Travels!

Rosy Trisha Blog

© 2015 TNG


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