Home is where my story starts!

Home is where my story starts

My story starts in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I was born and raised in the area and though my family and I moved around a few times, we were always close to Lancaster! In my previous blog post I talked about my travels back to the states and to my home town! Well, I am back in Japan safe and sound and might I add, SOOOO thankful that long trip is OVER! So anyway, I would like to talk a little about my adventures while I was home!

Home is where my story starts

(How sweet are my parents?)

I had been told that jet lag going back to the states is a lot easier than when coming to Japan and thankfully that was true. I adjusted so fast and was busy right away visiting family! I had been away from home for almost a full year so it was really nice visiting and seeing all my loved ones! I would like to say that it was a wonderful trip home and I had the time of my life but sadly I can not say that. My family and I suffered a very great loss only a few days after I arrived home. Though it was a very sad time of mourning, I am glad I was there with my family and not across the world.

Home is where my story starts

(I apologize for the photo quality. The day I decided to actually take pictures was the day I didn’t have my nice camera with me)


When you live somewhere your whole life, you forget to appreciate the place. Since I lived somewhere that you had to drive at least an hour to get anywhere remotely exciting, I just saw everything around me as boring when I was younger. It was towards the end of my time living in Pennsylvania that I started to look around me and really think to myself, “Wow, its beautiful here.” Though I am not ready to move back to little Lancaster, PA, I love going home!

Home is where my story starts

For those of you who are not familiar with Pennsylvania, yes, we are one of the few states that live among the Amish but no, not all of us are Amish! Common mistake among people not familiar with the area! I would also just like to say that there is no Amish mafia! The Amish are a peaceful group.

Home is where my story starts

The wide open fields and nature is just my favorite part of home! I love seeing so much green! If you can get past the horrible manure smell that comes certain times of the year then you’ll get to breath that wonderful fresh air! Of course, fall time is the best time to visit! Something about fall makes the country side come to life! Corn maze, the trees changing colors, lots of fresh pumpkins, sweatshirts, bonfires and fairs! Can you tell fall is my favorite time of year?

Home is where my story starts Home is where my story starts Home is where my story starts Home is where my story starts Home is where my story starts Home is where my story starts Home is where my story starts Home is where my story starts Home is where my story starts


Now the first thing I did when I got home was go SHOPPING! Oh, how wonderful it was to go to my favorite stores and buy myself some new clothes! Living in Japan is wonderful but shopping is just so expensive and also finding your size can be a bit of a pain!

Home is where my story startsv

I bought so much stuff that I had to leave stuff behind because I couldn’t fit it all in my suitcase! Hey, I was on vacation, don’t judge me! One of my favorite part’s of shopping is going home and showing off what I got to whoever will pay attention to me! My sister’s are usually pretty excited for me because obviously they understand how exciting shopping can be! Plus shopping is also a good time to spend with family or friends and just enjoy each others company while spending all your money!


Home is where my story starts

One of the reason’s I went home when I did was to be there for my youngest sister and sister-in-laws high school graduation! I am so happy I was there to celebrate with them and just be there for the experience! Congratulations again to the class of 2015!

21 Home is where my story starts

I am so proud of these two and can’t wait to see where life takes them!

Home is where my story starts

Even though I am not a fan of my old high school and just school in general, it was nice seeing some people I went to high school with and being back for a very SHORT time! Some individuals thrive in school and some of us thrive after (ME!), nothing wrong with either.

Home is where my story starts

Gender Reveal Party!

Home is where my story starts

Another very exciting event that happened while I was home was seeing my PREGNANT older sister! Yes, I am going to be an Aunt to another human!!! Since I live across the world and won’t be around for the baby shower, I decided to host a gender reveal party for my sister and her boyfriend! Considering I was hosting the party I got to find out what the gender of the baby was early!!! Keeping the secret was so hard! I feel the party was a success and was a lot of fun when we did the reveal!

Home is where my story starts
My sister decided that she liked the idea of filling black balloons with confetti and when the guests would pop the balloons, out would come the color of the gender! We had to wait till all the guests arrived so that no one missed the reveal. As we waited we had some guests that were anxious and tried to peak at the balloons! Luckily, you couldn’t tell the color through the black balloon, so no one found out early!
It’s a girl!!!!!!! We are all very excited to be meeting Daisy Jane in just a few short months!!

Home is where my story starts

After the gender was revealed we sat and had coffee and dessert!

Home is where my story starts Home is where my story starts

Did I forget to mention I got to ride in my dads mustang!

Home is where my story starts

Safe Travels!

Rosy Trisha Blog


Photo by Conte Photography

I love you Poppy♥

© 2015 TNG


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