Six excursions in six days

Six excursions in six days

I’m so excited to be writing my first blog series! Over the course of the next week I will be have a new trip to talk about every day! All different places to explore in the Tokyo area with new experiences! Now, some of the places I will talk about are old trips that I went on before I started blogging but most are recent.

This summer, I went home to Pennsylvania as many of you know since I discussed my trip in a previous post, Home is where my story starts! After my trip home my younger sister, Marisa joined me here in Japan! She was only here for a limited time and we had a lot of places to go in a short time! For two weeks, every single day, we traveled somewhere new! This fast pace traveling is what inspired me to write a blog series in the same fashion! So like I was saying before, for the next six days at the same time each day I will have a new journey to share! Stay tuned and get excited for six excursions in six days!

Six excursions in six days

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