The island of shopping

The island of shopping

In my previous blog post, day one of six, I shared just how enjoyable visiting a huge Buddha can be! This blog series is all about a few trips I have taken around the Tokyo area. Six excursions in six days! Today, I will be sharing where to go shopping!

Second largest Buddha in Japan

The island of Odaiba is absolutely gorgeous for starters. As we exited the train station we walked right out into this beautiful view. There were walking paths through the trees and along the water with a small version of the statue of liberty!

Second largest Buddha in Japan

Odaiba was originally a group of islands that were man-made during the Edo Period to protect Tokyo from sea attacks. After many years the islands were joined together and were supposed to be turned into a residential and business area. Due to the economy, the plans didn’t follow through and after some time hotels and malls started to be built.

Second largest Buddha in Japan

Odaiba has many huge malls for shopping with lots of other entertainment. Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling well this day so I didn’t do as much shopping as I would have liked. I still enjoyed walking the mall and eating at a Hawaiian burger joint, while overlooking the bay! My favorite store was a cute hello kitty shop in the aqua city mall! They had lots of little hello kitty trinkets, stuffed animals, chop sticks, and even an ice cream booth in the store!

Second largest Buddha in Japan

 If you got this far in my first blog series, six excursions in six days, then I hope you will continue on this journey with me! I really enjoy sharing these memories with my readers! Day three of the blog series will be about where to go to find hidden gems in a busy city.

Six excursions in six days

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