Let’s discuss life

Let's discuss life

As of August, it was the one year mark of living here in Japan! I honestly can’t believe it has been OVER a year already that I have been so fortunate to live here. I have learned so much and met some great people so far! Everyday is an adventure and I am excited to see what I will learn next and what else Japan has in store for me!

I was sitting on my couch, planning my next trip when I started to think about my time here. A lot happens in a year even when we don’t realize it. When I first found out my husband and I would be moving to Japan I honestly cried. I drove home, called my mother and cried! I had just moved away from home and was newly married! The thought of moving across the world terrified me and I never really thought that Japan would be a neat place to live. As the time for moving came, I did get more excited and tried to be grateful for the wonderful opportunity!

After arriving in Japan, I learned it really is a great place to live! It has its pros and cons but it has been so much better than I ever thought it would be! Seeing how different life is across the ocean is amazing! Learning about the culture is so exciting! Actions we, Americans, think are bizarre, are completely normal here in Japan! I have learned to speak some small phrases but for the most part my interactions with the Japanese are nods and smiles. I do miss being able to actually hold a full conversation when I go shopping but that’s my own fault for not trying to learn the language better.

I am also coming up on my one year anniversary of getting my job, for which I am always grateful for! Not only is it a job that helps me pay my bills but it also gives me a chance to interact with some amazing locals that work with me. They teach me things about Japan that you won’t learn from just touring. I also teach them things about America! It’s always a neat experience bonding with someone from another country! Who doesn’t love having friends all over the world!

The reason for this refection of the past year is due to the fact that I am trying to find my place in the world. I don’t have a specific destination for myself yet. I do however hope to find it someday. I have to remind myself every day that God has a plan for me and right now, I am here to enjoy Japan and live my life! Over this past year as I experienced my first year away from America, I have been sad to be missing all the thing’s that are happening back home, some friendships back home have suffered in my absence, I have made and lost friends here, I learned how cruel people can be, my cat, Joy, died of old age and I lost my wonderful Grandfather to cancer. Though there has been bad things, there has also been good! My husband and I grow closer everyday! My younger sister has graduated high school, got her first job and is going to college now! My older sister is only a few weeks from delivering my niece Daisy, who I can’t wait to meet! I have made some AMAZING friends! My parents and I have a great relationship, which is very important to me! I learn new things about being an adult all the time! I started this blog!!!!! Overall I am so grateful for my life that God has given me and though I haven’t found my place yet or have done amazing things this past year, I am happy and I think that matters! I’m living in Japan, I think that is a big deal!!!

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